How To Save On A New Ford During Tax Season At Rowe Ford Auburn

For many drivers tax season is a love hate relationship. We all hate filling our taxes and the stress that comes with it. But we also love the extra chunk of change we get back later in the year. While our refunds are still a little ways off, we want to let our customers know how you can save during tax season on a new Ford car, truck or SUV.

The end of the year is the best time for business to save money with tax deductions on a new work car, truck or SUV for all their work needs. Through IRS Section 179 there are great opportunities for small business to write off up to $500,000 of qualifying equipment. To qualify purchases must be made before December 31st, 2017 and must be used at least 50% for business based on mileage in the first year. How does the IRS Section 179 help you save money? For qualifying business and equipment purchases, you may be able to write off the whole purchase!

If you still have questions or want to find out more about IRS Section 179 tax deductions click here or make your way down to Rowe Ford and speak with a member of our financing team.

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