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Ford’s Life Saving Technology

When you’re looking for maximum safety and reliability on the roads of Auburn, Lewiston, Poland, Sabattus, and Oxford, ME, you can look to Rowe Ford of Auburn to find excellent safety technology in your Ford car, truck, or SUV. Our new inventory has a plethora of Ford models and trims to choose from, and if you’re looking for the ultimate safety for you and your family, our dealership is your one-stop shop for finding exactly what you’re looking for.

With today’s advancements in life-saving technology, drivers can find many features that cater to driver safety and their well-being on the road. Most new model Ford trims come with standard or optional driver assistance features that help maintain driver awareness and readiness. Whether it be through the visual and audible alert systems, or the driver assist features that automatically engage the brakes to prevent the chance of an immediate collision, today’s technology is giving drivers the opportunity to avoid possible catastrophe and the common fender bender. In many cases, these safety tools are saving the lives of drivers and their passengers daily. With continuous technological innovation and advancement in the auto industry, drivers and pedestrians as a whole are moving closer to optimal road safety and a world with less accidents and fatalities.

Common safety features that can be found in Ford models today include Automatic Emergency Braking, Forward-Collison Warning, Blind-Spot Warning, Rear-cross Traffic Warning, Rear Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane departure Warning, Lane Keeping Assist, a Rearview Camera, and Adaptive Cruise Control. These safety aspects mainly provide audible alerts to notify the driver of the potential dangers that surround their vehicle during lane changes, when approaching slow moving traffic, or when backing out of busy parking lots. In the case of an emergency where the driver doesn’t react to the warning alerts on time, the vehicle will automatically take control and either stop or assist the vehicle with steering control.

When you leave our dealership driving a new Ford model, you will drive off our lot with a peace of mind and a newfound sense of safety. It is amazing to see how far safety technology in the auto industry has come, and it continues forward with new safety features every year. These are safety tools that promote user safety, not to allow the driver to become dependent. Always practice safe driving and maintain complete awareness while on the roadways. These Ford safety systems have been proven to work and it Is up to you as a driver to maintain full control of your vehicle at all times. With a little-added help from technology your chances for safety and life increase drastically.

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