Ford Mustang: Raw Power and Heritage Style

The Ford Mustang has already proven itself as an all-star player in the muscle car niche worldwide, and in Auburn, Lewiston, Poland, Sabattus, and Oxford. You can select a convertible edition for this sports vehicle that never ceases to amaze. The stylish Shelby GT350R is a trim that pays homage to the car's early days in America.

The 2.3 L engine block proves that big power sometimes comes in small packages. When burning premium fuel, the turbocharged engine whips out 310 hp and 350 lb-ft. Having a classic V8 design, the 5.0 L powertrain generates up to 460 hp and 420 lb-ft. If these numbers don't satisfy your cravings for output, get a model that runs on the Flat Plane Crank engine. This eight-cylinder powertrain yields 526 hp and 429 lb-ft.

There are several other mechanical segments that will get you excited about the Mustang. Inspired by drag racing, the Launch Control function responds to the slightest depression on the accelerator. When you hit the gas, this muscle car takes off with some serious aggression. The Line Lock engages the front brakes to guarantee on-demand stopping on the track. Therefore, the rear wheels will do most of the acceleration when the front wheels revolve at steady rates.

This Ford sports car comes with several gearboxes that are tuned for agile handling. Up to 10 gear ratios are at your fingertips in a model that has an automatic transmission. When equipped with the TREMEC transmission, the Mustang runs on six different gear combinations. You should let the Rev Matching take control of the mechanics in this conventional transmission.

During your test drive at Rowe Ford Auburn, you'll also get a good feel for the class-leading Drive Modes. Using vintage-style inspirations, Ford decided to integrate toggle switches in the center console. You just need to flick the hardware and select a desirable setting for the powertrain, brakes, steering and several other systems under the hood. For instance, the Track Mode guarantees the best possible lap time on a closed course. If Mother Nature gets in the way during a commute, the Snow/Wet Mode is ready to react.



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