The new 2021 Ford Bronco seems to be on everybody's mind nowadays, and for a good reason. The resurgence of an old name is always a subject of interest to car fans, especially when it's the iconic Ford brand dusting off a name like the Bronco. The Bronco has long been a beloved model from the American manufacturers, from its overall look to its rugged capabilities. Now that we've been promised a new model, what can we expect from this old brand's newest imagining?


The base model of the Bronco, which is aptly named the "Base," comes outfitted with a number of impressive performance specifications. It's available with either two or four doors - the two-door comes with a seven-speed manual transmission, while the four-door features a ten-speed automatic transmission. These include two engine options capable of delivering either 270 horsepower or 310 horsepower, respectively.

Standard four-wheel drive will add the Bronco points for drivability and easy terrain management. And, with the inclusion of five drive modes, it should also further assist with this - the drive modes are referred to as G.O.A.T. - a tongue-in-cheek acronym which translates as "Goes Over Any Terrain." On paper, this makes it one of the most powerful rugged SUVs on the market. Its torque is also set to be best-in-class upon its release, making it a top contender for the spot of most sought-after versatile SUV.


The Bronco Base model comes with an interior that sounds as good as it looks. There are a number of standard features that provide ease of access and comfortability, including a steering wheel with cruise controls and audio controls, an eight-inch color LCD touchscreen display for easy management of the vehicle's infotainment system, and two sets of dual smart-charging USB ports.

The interior also features the next incarnation of FordPass Connect, the SYNC 4 infotainment system, SiriusXM, and six high-quality speakers with AM/FM capabilities. These are some pretty impressive standard features for a baseline model, and the more advanced trims only add more impressive tech, including a premium audio system, more luxury features, and higher quality materials for interior surfaces.

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